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Dongtai Foodstuffs Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956. It is a professional foodstuff machinery factory which Light Industry Association and Jiangsu Light Industry Department designated. Company has a long history of exporting. Ownership: Limited Liability Company. Credit rating: AAA. Since 1983, Company has exported food machinery to more than 20 countries and regions. Company has received recognition and been praised by Premier Li Peng, Kang Keqing and Ngapoi Ngawang. Company's food machinery are: powder, starch, cereals, rice and other nine complete sets of engineering equipment and steam peeling machine, dry brush peeling machine, automatic egg rolls and other patented products. Company has developed more than 100 patented products, 3 national new products to fill the gap. Company is named as "high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "advanced private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province", Yancheng "Chinese Patent Star Enterprise ". Light Industry Association" the one of the best economic efficiency of China's Machinery hundred enterprises.

Company has strong research and design ability. Dongtai Food Machinery Factory is a Research Institute and the Institute of Dongtai starch, with more than 100 senior scientific and technical personnel. Company encourages the development of policies and incentives intensity, and has business relationship with universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Wuxi and other places. Correct information, correct projects, rapid development and fast promotion make Company successful.

The Company has been developing fast in recent years. At the end of 2010, Company has fixed assets of 50,000,000 yuan, industrial output value of 160,000.000yuan, sales of 140,000,000 yuan, technology change input of 10,000,000 yuan, an increase of 20% than last year. New potato processing technology, equipment research and industry have been listed by the National Science and Technology Department as the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Technology Support Program.

Currently owned factories are: Dongtai Dongya Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi JIER Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi Jinling Tower Starch Co., Ltd., Yichang, Hubei Wudong Potato Industry Co., Ltd., Dongtai Qionggang starch factory. Sales companies are: Guangdong Branch, East Branch, Fujian branch.


  • Beginning
  • Introduce product's function, quotation, investment feasibility studies and all the necessary information to customers. Formulate and test produces special products. Send assist clients to factory site and help with land, workshops, public facilities, construction survey and plan. Discuss with clients, adjust plan till client's satisfied with plan.
  • Middle Term:
  • According to different requirements of the contract produce and pack equipment. Training skilled workers, production inspector and management staff in our testing worshop and production base. Delivery for customers
  • Later term
  • On-site installation assistance, organization commissioning of equipment, inspection and trial production. One year of Warranty period. Free repair and replacement during product quality warranty period. Give certain reaction to customer repair call and send technical workers to repair. Give certain reaction to customers' purchase accessories telephone, fax within 24 hours and organize according to supply and transport situation.
  • Life time service projects
  • Customers use our factory roller (rolling) cylinder dryer, the main dryer commitment to life-long warranty (15 years). Any non-human induced damage within 15 years client compliance with operating instructions and requirements; we shall repair and replace for you with no charge.


    Instruction of Mr. HE Xianyong

    Date of birth: year of 1952, male, from Dongtai Jiangsu. State Department awarded the "Government special allowance" in the year of 2001. Established Wuxi JIER Machinery Co., Ltd and held the position of Chairman and General Manager in the year of 2005. After been approved, established "Chinese Food Dry Equipment Technology Center" in the year of 2006.

  • Research Area
  • Roller drying technology and equipment; bakery processing technology and equipment; agricultural products (especially potato, cassava, sweet potato) processing technology and equipment; modified starch processing technology and equipment.
  • Main Results
  • In the above research, Mr. HE has accomplished 2 scientific issues for national "Six-Five" and "Ninth-Five" plans, and published more than 20 national patents both in the national academic newspapers, magazines. He made outstanding contributions for producing instant nutritious cereal equipment. There are 400 sets of roller dryers which shares more than 90% of national instant oatmeal market which have been researched by him. Such as the famous brands like "Golden Taste, ""Quaker", "Yashily" and other production enterprises are the users of his company. He took 10 years to make excellent a starch industries happen in China (Chinese a starch products from importing position exchanges to exporting position) in the two historical phases. His work in our a starch industry has been widely applied to promote the industry development. Starch Industry Association elected him as vice president of a modified starch industries. a starch factories and other modified industries in China have all equipped with his modified starch research. Equipment which made from his research takes market share of over 85%, and exported more than 10 countries. He made a real change the situation for our country which totally dependent on importing equipment from Netherlands, Japan, the United States, Taiwan. His performance and accomplishment have impressed both national and abroad admiration. Potato powder (including granules and flakes) in China is newly developing industry. Before 2002, China spent huge investments imported 5 sets of flake production lines. Mr. HE's technology of potato grain powder production and equipment filled gaps in China. Many potato powder industries in China have successfully equipped with his technology which is with smooth mature technology and excellent product quality. In recent years, cooked powder is a new environmental painting material in China. Because of its complex process, producing equipment was difficult. Importing took place in a very long time. Mr. HE has researched the technology for equipments like this. He solved cooked powder formula technology and complete equipment research. Currently, domestic cooked powder production industries all use equipment from Dongtai Foodstuffs Machiney Co., Ltd. Infant nutrition rice as the main representative of the various types of instant rice powder in China has been popular more than 10 years, which also embodies the painstaking efforts and wisdom of Mr.HE. In 1990, Hong Kong"Ming Pao" newspaper published an article named "Something to eat for China's' little emperors" . It caused Mr. HE's attention. Since then he began to study the complete set of infant nutrition rice technology and equipment, and he got success. At present, 70% production of nutrition instant rice powder 70% use Mr. HE's technology and equipment.



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